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So, right now, what are we up to?!

Well, I have been lucky enough to get one of 5 positions as a student paramedic, so i start my new job at the end of January, which means, no holidays for a little while after that!

Luckily enough though, we are heading to Fiji for a friends wedding at the beginning of January, so it will be our last break together before i'm off in training for 3 months, and then back down home for work and study! It will be interesting because i have never been to uni before! So I will have to learn how to study again! :)

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well, where have i been since i last wrote! The answer... not many places.... :)

still living in Australia, despite my best efforts to move overseas... met a fella, got engaged, travelled to the North West of US, and parts of Canada. It was incredible. So many places and so little time!

Landing in LA and getting straight into a car to drive to Vegas, an experience, especially when one is tired and can't figure out how to make the drivers seat go back.... and then, plunging into LA traffic, 7 lanes of traffic going the same way, and gridlocked, on the other side of the road... but once we got out of LA, the drive was incredible.

Over the horizon we see a glow, and we both look at each other and say... that MUST be Vegas, incredibly, it's the Nevada border, jam packed with Casinos and a big sign "Welcome to Nevada!", hmmmm, not Vegas, but when Vegas appears over the horizon, we wondered how we could EVER have got it wrong! The glow was incredible! The atmosphere, incredible, and we were so far past tired that we were buzzing...

After an amazing four days in vegas (which i'm pretty sure ended up being 4 days of no sleep and alcohol consumption which was incredible) we moved on, livers in pain, car packed, bikes in the back (which we had brought over from Australia with us) and off we went, next stop Moab Utah.

Moab, where we were going to ride Slick Rock... we didn't realise how hot it was going to be, so the day that we chose to ride (after we had found a camp ground, set up the tent and put the bikes together) was approx 42 degree's OFF the rock, when we hit the rock, it would've been radiating at around 70-80 degrees, with no shade, it made for a HOT ride! But an incredible ride none the less, if you are into mountain biking and are heading to the states, Slick Rock is a must, as is Porcupine Rim, which we discovered the next day after a visit for Poison Spider Bicycles in Moab (these guys were incredible, if you have any issues in moab, they are the peep's to see!)

With Moab over we moved on further up the country and towards Canada, we didn't make it... instead we stopped and did more incredible trails in some amazing places! North West US, is the place for mountain biking.

Yellowstone National Park, couldn't wait! and it didn't disappoint! We ended up arriving a day early, and there were no campsites left for us! How devastating! nah, not too bad, we parked the car up in a "wet site" and camped in the car! We decided that we would do a back country hike, now here in Australia you go for a hike and no-one tells you about the deadly animals, well in the US, you have to sit a quiz after watching a video about what to do if you see a bear... We didn't realise that there would be a quiz, but we were passed to hike anyway, after looking at each other a few times to see if the other knew the answer to the questions... So off we went, parked the car, put the pass in the window the vehicle and we were off, backpacks on, bear spray in hand, 16miles in 16 miles out, camping over night. Once we got in there, it was amazing (well the hike was amazing too, and no, we didn't see any bears) The place is incredible, untouched wilderness once you get off the beaten path, and once you're in there, there is NO-ONE else! And this is where i got engaged, amazing!

Once we had hiked out, we were off, to the shower, because we stunk. Once we were showered and clean we were off, off to the next destination, Bozeman Montana. Incredible, beautiful, amazing... nothing else to describe this with will do it justice and oh the micro breweries! Why Australia don't you have anything this amazing! :)

Then to Idaho, Coeur D'Alene, stunning. A good friend working for ROW Adventures met us and looked after us incredibly well, if you are going to use any crew in Coeur D'Alene, these are your guys! :) We met some incredible people, who if they ever come to Australia are more than welcome in our home and we will do our best to show them around and try and match what they showed us over there!

Into Oregon, where i managed to hook up with a rock climbing camp (despite the fact that i forgot summer camps in the states were for children, these guys let me come along and I loved it!) it was incredible, if you are ever in the need for a summer camp for your kids in Oregon, Mt Hood Summer camps are the place to send them! :)

Washington state, to cruise around in Seattle, amazing city!

Canada, OMG, there is nothing else to say about this place. And Whistler!!!! Damn are you set up for mountain biking! Lucky enough we arrived there during crankworx.. AMAZING! so as we are cruising down the mountain trying our best to stay on, we are being overtaken by some of the best downhill mountain bikers in the world. An incredible experience, i think i would love to spend the season there... :)

If you ever get the chance to visit this part of the US, it is the best place for outdoor adventure, what we wanted, and definately what we got!

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